Press Release from 4x4 Response UK

4x4 Response UK, the national charity that provides four-wheel drive support to the emergency and essential services, condemns the behaviour of some 4x4 drivers in the recent floods for ignoring road closures and putting themselves in danger. Anyone considering driving through flood water might like to be aware that:

* Around a third of drownings in floods involve people in their vehicles
* It can take little more than a egg-cup of water to destroy a car engine
* Two foot of water can float a car, but just one foot of flowing water can sweep it away
* Flood water can wash away road surfaces or lift inspection covers leaving holes that will trap or seriously damage vehicles
* Urban flood water is often contaminated with effluent from overflowing sewers

During the recent storms, 4x4 Response volunteers from the Lothian 4x4 Response, North West 4x4 Response and Yorkshire 4x4 Response groups have been working hard alongside the emergency services to assist with evacuations and provide relief, including food and essential supplies, to residents whose homes have been inundated with water as well as providing transport in areas where access has become difficult.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are not invincible, and our volunteers are trained, experienced, and work under the direction of the emergency services to keep themselves, their vehicles and above all their passengers safe.

A spokesman for the charity says "We would urge all road users to pay attention to road conditions and not attempt to drive through flood water regardless of the type of vehicle they are driving, and not to be tempted to ignore closure signs or to follow emergency vehicles, including our own, through the water".