Press Release from 4x4 Response UK and Lowland Rescue.

Joint Press Release

Lowland Rescue and 4x4 Response UK intend to explore avenues by which they and their respective member bodies may work more closely in pursuit of their mutual charitable objects.

Specifically, this may include a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two bodies and the drafting of additional template MoUs for use between their respective member bodies where such an MoU does not pre-exist at a more local level.

Paul Lewis MBE, Chairman of Lowland Rescue, says “Lowland Rescue has, at a team level, had a long history of working together with many partner agencies and other volunteer groups. Beginning this national study of future options with 4x4 Response will potentially allow us to further enhance the logistical capabilities supplied to our Blue Light colleagues and more besides, allowing faster relief of suffering to those in need and, hopefully, saving more lives where time is critical. I look forward to the coming months of this study and presenting what hopes to be a fantastic opportunity in the near future.”

George Cook, Chairman of 4x4 Response, adds “This is an incredible opportunity to unify and enhance pre-existing local arrangements between 4x4 Response members and Search & Rescue volunteers, some of which have provided some of the most successful and important case studies and examples of best practice in recent UK emergency response. 4x4 Response UK is proud to be a part of the expanding role volunteers play in emergency response and recovery in the UK, and this agreement with Lowland Rescue will only help us do better going forward.”

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Lowland Rescue was conceived and created in 1991, with the association of 4 original teams. Over the past 25 years, this has grown into 36 teams, with over 1,800 professionally-qualified volunteers covering over a third of the UK.

Lowland Rescue are members of UK Search & Rescue, alongside Mountain Rescue and the RNLI, providing official search and rescue coverage “from hill to high water” whenever requested. If you have any questions or want further information, please contact us via

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4x4 Response UK is a registered charity which provides all-terrain logistic support to the emergency and essential services across the UK and Isle of Man.

4x4 Response was established in Norfolk in 1999 and now has 31 teams with around 1,800 volunteers who offer their time and use of their personal vehicles to support their communities in times of need. Volunteers are trained and equipped to keep themselves and their passengers safe in adverse conditions such as snow or flooding. More information on the charity and its local groups can be found at